Janet Warner

I have been working on painting the city of New Haven from East Rock, and have done so by painting onsite and from memory in the studio. Starting most of my painting onsite allows me to not just see but feel the light of the day, the distance and the colors that are quintessential to New Haven, then I move into the studio. Once in the studio I have found myself moving away from a realistic representation of the city.
I have started to break from the idea of what it looks like in life, and I am adding my own interpretation of the city into the paintings allowing for an investigation of mixing the real, with the imagined.

I find myself exploring and focusing on the color relationships between all the parts. As the paintings evolve they are becoming more about the color shapes than the actual representation of the city for me. This journey has lead me to break from representation work, and explore just color relationship in a nonobjective series.